Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hong Kong and Bangkok

Hong Kong
  1. Every corner of every street has at least 3 Algerian pricks offering you a top quality "Armani" suit, "Rolex" watches, or "anything else you need." I need you to "fuck off and and leave me alone"
  2. I'm still at loss how the building we stayed in hasn't burned to the ground. The whole thing was a fire hazzard, exposed wires everywhere, its only a matter of time before it burns to the ground and burns every Algerian fucker who lives there at the same time. 
  3. Everything is generally a rip off.
  4. The Guinness tastes like old mans fart and costs €6 a pint.
  1. My main problem with Bangkok was that i could not find a chicken kebab anywhere after a heavy night on the sauce. There were plenty of food places open outside our hotel, not 1 place sold kebabs. Ya'd think a few of those Algerian fuckers in Hong Kong would see this niche in the market and make their way over. All I wanted was a fucking kebab.
  2. It was here that we discovered cockroaches could actually fly. In our room, Ger points out that there is a cockroach crawling up the wall, as this was now a regular enough sight we didn't make much of it. Then, BOOM. The littler fucker decides to make way and flies directly towards us. It was like something out of Pearl Harbour, some little squinty kamakaze fella out for the kill. We didn't hang around too long anyway and ran out the door fair lively.
  3. The sheer amount of brazzers and lady boys was too much even for me. Its a place where i know a lot of friends would blow a lot of money on them, not mentioning any names but a certain Mr Macari would enjoy it immensely. How one place can have so many lady boys is beyond me, its rotten.
  4. The height of door frames - whacked my head about 5 times off our bathroom door frame, and i'm hardly a giant. Sort it out. 
  5. Our room didn't have wireless and was on the 5th floor, so it was fairly knackering walking up and down that a couple times a day. Points of advice to Thailand - 1. sort out lifts and 2. learn that technology is a thing of the present, sort out wifi.
  6. Just remembered that there actually was more fucking Algerians here, trying to sell more fucking suits on Koh San Road. Fuck your suits and open up a kebab shop.
Conclusion: Even though we were only in each place for 2 days each..... FUCK HONG KONG and FUCK BANGKOK

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