Thursday, February 3, 2011

Been a long time but now im in Adelaide

I have been a bit lazy over last few months, and also been having an unreal time so hadn't had much to complain about, Cambodia was awesome, Vietnam was awesome, Laos was awesome, etc etc.. Down Under now, Perth was awesome, so was Melbourne, but now i've reached the shithole that is called Adelaide and I feel my views must be told..

  1. I actually cannot say one good thing about this place, hostel is full of Nazi Hitler loving boring cunts, stop speaking your rotten language in my presence. 
  2. The highlight of Adelaide is supposed to be Port Adelaide, again a shithole with nothing to do, highlight of my trip to Port Adelaide was getting a sandwich and having a stand off with some seagulls. Most Boring place on earth.
  3. I dont even have that many bad points on Adelaide, its just a shit, full of big black abo's, who are the closest thing to the missing link that ive seen, and all in all its shit with nothing to do.
  4. Saturday evening, 7pm, try find a fuking off licence in this kip.. I walked to woolworths, the supermarket, fuking closed.. so in my persistence to have a drink i decided to have a walk around, in the centre of the city may i add.. i was still looking for an offo an hour fucking later. Some of the things which i managed to find and see on my walk, to name but a few were, Adelaide General Hospital (which location may come in use), Adelaide University, a castle, a christian scientific church whatever the fuck that is, a man that looks like Cillian Murphy, and Stephen Hawkin (well if it wasnt him it was his twin brother, drooling like a Great Dane so he was). How i came to stumble upon all these things before an off licence is beyond me.. Sort it out..
Time to make like a tampon and get out of this bloody hole.. FUCK YOU ADELAIDE the world would be a better place if an A Bomb was dropped here..

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